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Fringe Benefit Program
Choice is the focus of the fringe benefit program at HealthReach Community Health Centers. We offer benefits designed to meet the varying needs of our employees and their families. Benefit eligible employees (employees who are scheduled to work 30 hours or more per week) may choose from various medical, dental, vision, life, and disability plans. In addition to these choices, HealthReach also provides benefit eligible employees with $50,000 in core life insurance coverage, short term disability, and single dental coverage at no cost. Employees who work 30 or more standard hours per week, who do not participate in a HealthReach health plan, because they have coverage elsewhere, will receive an opt out credit equal to $500 per year. HealthReach also offers a complimentary care program to help defray the employees’ out-of-pocket costs for care delivered by a HealthReach Community Health Centers provider.

Retirement Plans
HealthReach employees have the opportunity to save for retirement by making pre-tax contributions and Roth post-tax contributions into our 403(b) retirement plan. The 403(b) plan offers a wide variety of investment choices through the Lincoln Alliance program and a company match.

Flexible Spending Accounts
HealthReach offers two convenient ways to save taxes on health care and dependent care expenses. Staff may direct part of their pretax pay to a Medical Care Reimbursement or Dependent Care Reimbursement Account, or both. When employees incur eligible expenses, they are reimbursed from these accounts with pretax dollars.

Tuition Reimbursement
HealthReach offers tuition reimbursement for courses, certification, licensing, and programs that meet with supervisor approval.

Flexible Schedules
Many positions at HealthReach may be tailored to fit employees' needs, i.e., per diem and part-time.

Time Off
HealthReach offers a generous Earned Time Plan. Earned Time is recorded as either scheduled (for planned days off, holidays, vacations, etc.) or unscheduled (for illness or other unanticipated reasons).

Employee Assistance Program
This Program offers employees up to five sessions of individual, couples and/or family counseling. This benefit is available to an employee or a member of an employee’s family who lives in the same household or is a dependent. The person or persons receive assessment, short-term counseling, problem-solving techniques, and referrals.