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Release Date: January 10, 2012
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What is your headache telling you?

Tips to identify dangerous headaches

We have all had headaches and we all know headaches vary. Some headaches ache behind your eyes, some in the back of your head, and some ache
all over. Most of these headaches are harmless. But some headaches are emergency alarms for your body. The following headaches may be the sign of
a serious condition:

The Thunderclap Headache:

  • Pain comes on quickly and intensely, becoming unbearable in a few minutes
  • May be caused by aneurysm, stroke or meningitis
  • Call 911

The Exercise Headache:

  • Headache appears rapidly as a result of intense physical exertion
  • May be caused by subarachnoid hemorrhage
  • Consult a doctor immediately

The Headache that Spreads to Your Neck:

  • Headache travels from the head to the neck
  • May be caused by meningitis or hemorrhage
  • Call 911

The Persistent Headache:

  • Headache comes and goes for days, accompanied by fever, visual disturbances and aching temples.
  • May be caused by inflammation of arteries and may lead to blindness if left untreated
  • Consult a doctor immediately

The Contagious Headache:

  • More than one person in a home develops the same headache
  • Most likely caused by carbon monoxide exposure
  • Exit the home immediately and call the fire department

The Headache that Wakes You Up:

  • Headache grows increasingly worse for weeks and appears every morning upon waking
  • May be caused by an expanding mass
  • See a doctor and schedule an MRI

To learn more visit and www.livestrong.cpm

Thanks to Ariel Ziemer for article development.

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